Thursday, 2 September 2010

Made it to Germany

Wednesday 1st September

We started the day in Holland and finished the day in Germany. To be honest, the border crossing was a bit of an anti-climax. We think the border was halfway across a cow field as we cycled along a dam, we just noticed that car number plates had changed when we got onto a road.

I have attached a picture of Tina stood in front of a windmill as proof that we were actually in Holland (and no, it's not the one in Lytham St Annes).
We have finished the day in a village called Budberg which is 20kms North of Duisberg. We have cycled 110kms today and the knees are starting to creak a bit, I am thinking that some nice German beer tonight might loosen things up! The only problem is that the hotel owners don't speak any English and we don't speak any German. I remembered the word 'zimmer' from 3rd year German but that was the wrong side of 20 years ago, we've no idea what we will end up eating tonight!

Total for the trip so far = 410km

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