Thursday, 2 September 2010

Lost in Cologne

Thursday 2nd September
We have spent almost 10 hours in the saddle today and quite a lot of it was spent going around in circles in Cologne! Don't get me wrong I'm sure Cologne is a lovely place but I don't think Tina and I will be rushing back there, well not until they put up some signs anyway!
Whilst part of the day has been frustrating we have also seen some fantastic countryside and cycled along the Rhine itself for quite a few hours. It's amazing to see the amount of activity on the river, some of the freight barges are enormous and they must take a lot of trucks off German roads.
We have covered 125km today and Tina is happy to report that she now has a red eye to match her interpretation of a baboon's bum!

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  1. Glad its going well....already been in touch with Chester zoo and Tina go and sit with the Baboon's for a week when she gets back rubber ring will be provided,keep up the good work we are very proud of you.