Sunday, 12 September 2010

Arona a real Italian city

We covered just over 120km today. I passed the 1500km mark and it was emotional, full
Marks to Chris who celebrated the moment with a handshake at 30km per hour but I did miss the the 100km hug from Tina ( T, you know what I mean).
It was a tough slog today. We are all sat talking about the day and muscles are aching but so what?
All the time I tried to explain the Italian way of 'passiagiata' which means to walk but dressed up in all your finery. We have sat here and watched them flowing up and down the street, difficult to explain but you would understand if you saw it. Maybe it was the way we were 100 years ago?
Is that good or bad, you decide? What I do know is that the whole family comes out for the Dominica Passagiatta (Sunday stroll). When it is is 25c you can understand, I think the Italians would freeze if they had a face a proper Lancastrian Summer's evening.
Th trip total is now 1520km!!
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  1. The Passiagiata is Peter Connelly everyday of the week on Bank Street Rawtenstall !!!!!