Wednesday, 22 September 2010

We've done it!!

A quick one just to let everyone know that we have completed the ride! We finished at 4pm yesterday and I immediately collapsed into a heap! Our last day involved a massive climb to get to the top of the highest part of the Apennines. We had a gain of 1000m of altitude in 15km, it was tough! You know it's tough when you are climbing at the side of a cable car!
The trip total was 2460km, so my estimate was surprisingly accurate.
I would just like to thank all the people who cycled parts of the route with me, Terry, Martin, Pete, Joff, Conor, Chris and my wife Tina! And thank you to everyone who sponsored us.
I have built up quite a library of photos and I will post them in the next few days when I can get a decent phone signal.

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  1. Well done to all the team for a fantastic acievement !! Danny you are a star for doing it all and keeping eveyone posted, its been brilliant reading !!! Serves you right for talking to two Australian cyclists on Pescara beach last !! Think Vic and i will do it next the father in-laws Porsche !!!

  2. Fella - what can I say? Ultimate respect to you and to all the support acts involved.

    (Just don't let on it was fun!)