Wednesday, 15 September 2010

A big day to Bologna

After yesterday's M25 episode we decided to add some miles and head to Bologna via the B roads of Italy. It has proven to be a good decision, we have seen the real Italy today. Lots of quiet sleepy villages and small towns with a bar complete with a set of blokes arguing over a game of cards.
Pete has also fixed his panniers, he was up at 6 o'clock armed with gaffer tape and bungees and has created a masterpiece that Isambard Brunell would have been proud of. I am happy to report that Pete has now carried his own bag
We have covered around 120km today and it has been hot, hot, hot! Temp was measured at 37c at 5pm tonight so went through a lot of water. I'm not looking for sympathy as I have been told that it's chucking it down at home, sorry.....honest!
We had lunch in Maranello today and I was looking for the Ferrari factory, I didn't see the factory but we spotted a couple of Ferraris, driven by an Italian Stallion, of course!
Terry literally had a bee in his bonnet when a bee flew into his helmet, there was a bit of a panic but we didn't laugh too much as he tried to get his helmet off in time, it's all about team spirit!
We are trying to do the 'local thing' so we have had Parma ham in Parma, we have had bolognese in Bologna and tomorrow in Florence we are having....chips (family show!)

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