Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Tina's last night in Zurich

It's been another full day. My bike has been fixed and we managed to get our bikes on the train to Zurich. The Swiss are very organised and they provide hooks for you to hang the front wheel of your bike from. Every carriage had 2 or 3 bikes hanging up for the journey. We got to Zurich around 7pm and had a quick walk(or limp, in Tina's case) around. Considering it was a Wednesday night the place was alive with people and we managed to find a table in an old 'bier halle'.

This is a picture of Tina in the bierhalle.
We now have wifi in the hotel so I can post pictures so I will add a few from the last few days.

This is Tina sat on a cushion in a restaurant, she literally couldn't sit down because of the cycling blisters!

A picture of me in front of a castle in the Rhine Valley (no, I can't see it either).

There isn't a running theme here of Tina drinking beer but this is a picture of Tina drinking beer in Strasbourg!

A typical view of the Rhine, it doesn't really do the river justice but at this point the river was at least 400m wide. I promise to add some better photos from my camera when I get back.

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