Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Bike fix in Basel

We are sat in beautiful Basel soaking up the atmosphere. We have a few hours to explore the city while my bike is being fixed. I broke a spoke yesterday on the rear wheel and it's the spoke that you have to remove all the gear cogs to replace....a job for a professional, not me.
We could say that Basel is a truly cosmopolitan city but at the minute it's full of England football fans from last night's match.
Today is Tina's last cycling day and she flies home to Manchester tomorrow, we are reminiscing over some of the things we have seen. Some of the most prominent things have related to the ingenuity of the Dutch and German cyclists. We have seen 3 wheelers, 4 wheelers, trailers carrying kids, a couple pulling trailers each with a huge St Bernard dog asleep in them, and a chap who was cycling with a cockatoo sat happily on his shoulder!
A combination of Tina's bad leg and my broken bike means that we are catching the train to Zurich tonight so Tina doesn't miss her flight tomorrow, it should be interesting to see how we manage to get our bikes on the train.
We gave now covered 1130km

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