Tuesday, 14 September 2010

A long road to Parma

We have now arrived in Parma after travelling just over 120km down a long straight road called the Via Emilia. I have to say to that whilst I know that Italian drivers are mad I had heard a rumour that they respect cyclists. I can confirm that there is no respect for cyclists, you are just considered to be a more interesting moving target for them to aim at! Never, ever cycle on the road from Pavia to Parma! We have had to have a beer to calm our nerves.
Tomorrow we are plotting a route on quieter roads.
We had a disaster with Pete's pannier rack this morning, both supports snapped and we can't get a replacement. Obviously the rack didn't snap due to the weight of Pete's wardrobe! Terry had to carry one of Pete's bags and then we tried to find a solution. We had an interesting conversation in a toolshop, my Italian is okay for ordering food but does anyone know the Italian for 'jubilee clip'?
Trip total is now 1750km and well done to Pete who has now done 650km, although most of it was with someone else carrying his bags!

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  1. Bloody hell! Terry - don't let him hoodwink you like he did me! I wondered what he was doing with that hacksaw at the airport.......