Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Arrived safely at Hull

Monday 30th.
We arrived safely at Hull after adding about 50 unexpected kilometres to the distance. I knew we should have turned right at the start and not left! Total distance to Hull = 175km.

This is Tina at the Port of Hull, still smiling as well! I'm not sure the other passengers were quite ready to witness my overstretched Lycra but hopefully things will loosen as the ride continues.

Tuesday 31st
We have arrived in Rotterdam after a very early start. For those who remember 'hi de hi' we had the wake up roll call at 5am!! Our aim for the day was to get to Nijmegen but things didn't start to well when we realised that the ferry port was actually 30km West of Rotterdam! After getting lost trying to get through Rotterdam we decided that maybe Nijmegen was a bit ambitious but in the end we stopped about 20km away in a place called Leeuwen. We have cycled just over 125kms today an Tina's blisters have arrived. I could say where the blisters are but this is a family show! Trip total so far = 300km.

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  1. Well done you two. Danny, should I do the map reading in Italy or are you intentionally adding the extra kilometres just to show off. keep safe and i will see you in Malpensa. Terry