Sunday, 26 September 2010

A few photos of the trip

I finally have a wifi connection and after being badgered by Jamie to put up the pictures, I have a small selection for you.

Here is Joff doing what he does best. We are in a fantastic authentic little Italian restaurant in a backstreet in Arona. The food was superb. As we were all clearly athletes nobody drank any of the local red wine, obviously!

This is Pete coming out of the toolshop in Pavia without a solution to his pannier rack. Can you see how gutted he looks, especially as that means that someone else will be carrying his bags for him....again!

The main piazza in Pavia. They had a catwalk setup in the middle of the square and had models parading up and down whilst people in the bars and restaurants around the square watched. They know how to live in Italy!

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