Thursday, 9 September 2010

All change at Zurich

We had a big changeover day today. Tina caught a flight back home to Manchester and Pete, Conor and Chris arrived to start their stage of the trip. We took over a large part of the arrivals lounge and then turned it into a bike repair shop as 3 bikes were re-assembled. It kept the crowd of bored people sat in the cafe amused.
Once we were all set up then Pete took us on a detour to a bike shop a get a missing part for his pannier rack, of course they didn't have the parts so Chris kindly volunteered to carry some of Pete's stuff, well it was words to that effect anyway!
It took us a while to find the correct route away from the airport but once we did it was superb.
To set the scene a bit I should tell you about Conor, who has a bit of a reputation for doing his cycling at one fast as possible! As a result we missed a lot of route signs as we went past them in a blur! After carrying our bikes across a field we had a team discussion and it was decided that maybe we should keep a lookout for signs a bit more.
We had a bit of a race against the fading light to get to our first destination of Sursee and we were averaging between 25 and 35km per hour for the last part of the ride and a lot of it was uphill.
We cycled just over 100km in less than half a day and the legs are feeling it. We are back on track now so hopefully the pace will ease off a bit tomorrow and give us time to recover for the big climb on Saturday.
Total distance for the trip is now 1210km.

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