Wednesday, 7 July 2010

it's really going to happen

This is my first post on a blog ever and it could all go sadly wrong! I am starting to realise how much organisation is needed for a 2500 km bike ride but things are started to come together. As we have different members of the team riding different stages it's been like a mini travel agency. People are flying into and out of Zurich, Milan and Florence which is fine until you realise the airlines want the bikes all boxed up. How do you carry a bike box over the Alps?!

The team has grown to 8 people who are cycling parts of the route. I have included a photo of the St Gotthard Pass which is mainly cobbled and is our main crossing point for the Swiss Alps, when I showed this photo to my mates more people wanted to join the ride! So it's not just me that's mad.

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